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I have used this opportunity to set up my own home based childcare business which will mean a very big pay cut, but at the same time will give me the opportunity to raise my own children, and home educate my youngest. So I am going to have to realise my dreams with a little inginuity and and a new frugal lifestyle, so this is my journey......

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Friday, 6 May 2011

Bero cornflake Flapjacks

oh my goodness, i can eat a whole tray of these, so i don't know if there will be many left for when the Munchkins get in from school. I call them snicker doodles, i don't know why, but I love the name ha ha. They are old style flapjacks, not as heavy as just having pure oats, havea chew to them, I am not doing them justice - go on try them and you will rave about them too - and everyone will love them not just the kiddos
I bake mine in an 8inch cake tin, rather than on a tray. They freeze great too, so if i have not eaten them all by the time they have cooled ( opps just eaten one typing this) then i freeze them - great for batch cooking too.

100g margarine
1tbsp golden syrup
100g sugar
50g oats
50g self raising flour
50g crushed cornflakes

heat oven to 190oc or gas mark 5 - grease a baking tray

melt marg and syrup in a pan - do not over heat ( i do this in the microwave in a bowl for 10 sec at a time so I don't over heat it)

put dry ingredients in a bowl and add the melted mixture
( now i just add the dry ingredients to the bowl i have already melted the marg and syrup in saves on washing up - i also just take hand fulls of cornflakes pop the mixture on the weighing scale and crush them in my hand as i add them,  -dont crush the cornflakes too small as it ruins the texture )

place on baking tray and cook for 15-20mins until firm
cut into fingers while hot ( I cut into squares) leave to cool in tray ( if you dont eat them all whilst hot first)


  1. I am enjoying the recipes you are posting, will add to my collection. These flapjacks do sound good!

    Thank you for sharing,


  2. Hi Tania, glad you are enjoyign the recipes, definatley give them a try, these are my fav thing to bake at the moment, thought i woudl make the most of stayign in today, trying no tto spend so though I would stay home and bake instead :)

  3. I always put cornflakes in mine, they are delish aren't they x

  4. Smiffy I am munching on one now ha ha

  5. I can't wait to try this. The soup kitchen I volunteer has so many boxes of cornflakes and oats so this receipe is perfect for using them up.

  6. I use to make these when i was younger and they are the best, try ready brek instead of the oats, its just as recipes are the best and i wish they wud bring out the old editions again....xsharon

    1. Hi Sharon, thank you for the tip will give that a go next time, i love the bero books, as they are no non sense cooking

    2. Hi, I use this recipe, I often throw in a handful of dried fruit, yesterday I used dried mixed fruit, glace cherries and dried apricots (chopped) really yummy. A couple of years ago Morrisons were selling the Bero books, just like my Grandmother had. I just found this Bero site;

    3. Hi Elizabeth, Morrisons is where i picked my first copy from, dont have the latest copy as it was out of stock when wanted it, I also love the site too as it has recipes and conversions etc. Good home no frills cooking

  7. Try adding cocoa in with the syrup and marg....yummy!


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