single mum of 3 beautiful children....... I have new hopes, aspirations and dreams, 1st to get debt free, pay off my mortgage, get healthy, buy a new car (accomplished), do some much needed home improvements- phewwww - deep breath.. and spend more time with my children. In July 2011 I took redundancy due to restructuring at work, and from 31st August 2011 I was no longer a teacher.

I have used this opportunity to set up my own home based childcare business which will mean a very big pay cut, but at the same time will give me the opportunity to raise my own children, and home educate my youngest. So I am going to have to realise my dreams with a little inginuity and and a new frugal lifestyle, so this is my journey......

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Friday, 5 July 2013

Weightloss update

Well I don't know how much I weigh as my scales have gone berserk and tell me a different weight with up to 15lbs  difference each time I jump on. I will jump on the chemist scales when I pop past next.

So this month I am so glad I took my measurements 

I have lost one inch from my waist, hips, bust, and each arm and 1/2 an inch from each thigh - no surprise there as my nickname off my brothers when I was a kid was not thunder thighs for nothing  ..... 


  1. If I move my scales from one side of the bathroom to the other, my weight can change by 8lbs. I think inches, and the fit of my clothes is a more useful measure. Unlike you, I am NOT losing at the minute, but I AM trying [just not hard enough]
    summer blessings x

  2. My problem is I get disheartened and give up all together, I am trying to make this s permanent change to my lifestyle do no diet foods etc, but trying to be a lot more conscious of what I eat and make sure I exercise. At least you are still trying that's what counts to keep pushing forward xxx


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