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I have used this opportunity to set up my own home based childcare business which will mean a very big pay cut, but at the same time will give me the opportunity to raise my own children, and home educate my youngest. So I am going to have to realise my dreams with a little inginuity and and a new frugal lifestyle, so this is my journey......

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Friday, 2 August 2013

Approved food shop done...

 Well i had a quick look on Approved food tonight and they actually have enough bits of what I will use for me to place an order . This is the only kind of online shopping I still do lately,  as everywhere i find that prices are ridiculous, or only processed , junk foods we don't eat are on offer.

Don't get me wrong I used packet foods and buy treats for the munchkins, but when trying to do a full shop the other items I need are not at the right price, even in store lately all the offers seem to be junk, advertised as summer offers to help with keeping the kids fed, not unless i want obese children by the end of the summer.

Anyway today from approved food I bought this little lot. I am counting every penny at the moment, and trying to be strict with myself.

Silver Spoon Create Vanilla Paste 3 Sachets 27g
Best Before: 31st Oct 2013
You saved
£3.98 ( 57% )
Hovis Super Strong Premium White Bread Flour 3kg
Best Before: 31st Aug 2013
You saved
£13.96 ( 87% )
Dr Oetker Natural Vanilla Extract 500ml
Best Before: 30th Nov 2013
You saved
£2.50 ( 63% )
Cake Craft Melting Chocolate Drops 200g
Best Before: 31st Jan 2014
You saved
£5.00 ( 63% )
De Identified Fine Breadcrumbs 230g
Best Before: 30th Sep 2013
You saved
£1.47 ( 55% )
De Identified Oaty Crumble Mix 225g
Best Before: 30th Jun 2013
You saved
£5.92 ( 75% )
TODAY SPECIAL OFFER Twix Biscuit Fingers 58g
Best Before: 30th Jun 2013
You saved
£3.72 ( 79% )
De Identified 20 Swing Bin Liners £0.602£1.20
You saved
£0.78 ( 39% )
De Identified White Sauce Mix 25g
Best Before: 31st Mar 2013
You saved
£11.40 ( 79% )
Chicken Tonight Bag And Bake British Casserole Chicken Seasoning Mix 35g
Best Before: 30th Sep 2014
You saved
£7.35 ( 88% )
Bom Petisco Solid Tuna In Vegetable Oil 200g
Best Before: 31st Dec 2015
You saved
£14.90 ( 75% )
Household Essentials Brass Cup Hooks £0.205£1.00
You saved
£4.00 ( 80% )
Cadbury Mini Eggs 100g
Best Before: 31st Jul 2013
You saved £0.50 with promotion 'Freeminieggs'

Basket Price


Sub Total£31.09


Credit Used-£0.99

Total Discounts-£1.49

You Pay£29.60   


  1. Yes , it is solid too, not flaked. Also the flour is 3kg bags for 50p a bag.

  2. Thank you for the Approved Food link. I probably would have missed the tuna offer otherwise. I recently used the last can I had off them last year and have been appalled at how much tuna is in the shops, so the chance to stock up again was very welcome. Ordered some bread flour too plus a few other bits.


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